Sunday, January 17, 2010

Engelbee challenge 2009

In 2009 our Internet Quilting Bee Engelbee had a challenge. Everybody got a fabric chinese cookie with a proverb in it. Mine was: "Climb mountains to see lowlands". The challenge was to do a 9 x 11 inch mixed media piece, and you had to sew the little piece of paper with the proverb on it. Oh yeah - there I was, holding a little piece of paper in my hands and cratching my head. What on earth should I do with this? I had some pretty fancy ideas - but how to realize those in fabric ??? After a while, I put the fancy ideas to rest and decided to use a more pictorial idea. That meant, I wanted to give the idea of standing on top of a mountain and looking down into a valley. I searched for a picture and found one, not big enough on its own, but therefore I could use fabric. I put a brown piece of fabric at the bottom, added little bits of fabric and covered it with tulle. Than I used different threads and did a small scale stippling. Not bad - but it still was missing something. I searched through my decorateurs scraps and found one with a greenish print that looked like trees. I put those on, and than I had to cover the starting points with some green yarn, more tulle and more stitching. Voila. I finished it off with satin stitch around the edge and was able to send it to Helen in time! She had asked us whether she could show the finished pieces in the Austrian National Quilt Exhibition. So my little piece hang there together with several other Engelbee Challenge pieces, and what I've seen, they're all gorgeours. I'm pretty happy to belong to such a wonderful group!
By the way, I learnt a lesson with this quilt I would like to share - when using paper, a tight satin stitch is NOT a good idea ... remember how they tell you to use a small stich paper piecing? So the paper tears off easily? Well - that happens with a tight satin stitch too ... I'm afraid that eventually the satin stitched binding will separate from the rest. OK - lesson learnt ...

2009 gab es bei unserer Internet Quilt Gruppe Engelbee einen Challenge: jede bekam einen Chinese Cookie aus Stoff mit einem Sprichwort drin. Ich bekam "Steig auf Berge, um Täler zu sehen" (frei übersetzt). Und daraus sollte ich jetzt ein 9 x 11 Inch großes Teil in Mixed Media nähen, und das kleine Papierstück mit dem Sprichwort mußte vorne drauf genäht sein. Na großartig ... da stand ich nun, hatte diesen kleinen Papierstreifen in der Hand und kratzte mich nachdenklich am Kopf. Was um Himmels willen sollte ich jetzt damit anfangen ??? Ich hatte einige sehr hochgestochene, zweifelsohne tolle Ideen ... aber wie sollte ich die umsetzen? Dann bettete ich diese tollen Ideen zur Ruhe und entschied mich dafür, das Sprichwort eher wörtlich zu nehmen. Das hieß, ich wollte den Eindruck von "ich stehe auf einem Berg und gucke in ein Tal hinunter" erwecken.

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