Sunday, January 31, 2010

Somebody looking for some cats ? ;-))

No, I'm NOT serious ;-)) But while I was away at a Local Retreat and stitched happily, my sweet little cats climbed on the sofa and pulled my quilt down!!! (This one: ) Then, they took a nap - of course, on the quilt ... that was where Jens found those two. Sleeping! On my quilt ... Jens took a picture, so I have proof!

Nein, ich bin natürlich nicht auf der Suche nach einem neuen Zuhause für unsere Strolche ;-)) Während ich beim lokalen Retreat war und fröhlich vor mich hingestichelt habe, ist unsere niedliche kleine Gina auf das Sofa gestiegen und hat meinen Quilt von der Wand geholt. Dann haben die zwei Strolche sich zu einem Schläfchen zusammengerollt, logischerweise auf dem Quilt. So hat Jens sie dann gefunden. Schlafend! Auf meinem Quilt ... Jens hat ein Bild davon geschossen, ich habe also Beweise!


Sue said...

Ohh, they are the cutest cats. Are they burmese? I have a female burmese and she loves to find soft things to sleep on. Primarily my sewing stuff!

quilthexle said...

Hi Sue, yes their mom is a burmese, but their father is a siam. That combination is called tonkanese. We had to get this breed because I'm allergic to cats - but not to tonkanese cats. Those two LOVE my quilting stuff - especially that piece that I would love to work on right now :-))