Friday, February 05, 2010


Another quilt our friend, the professional photographer took pictures of is "Drachenflug". I sewed this quilt in 2008 and it was in a show in Vienna in January 2009. Actually, this quilt is kind of a descendant of my UFO that gives me so many headaches (more here: ufo ) So when I got stuck on the ufo, I just did another quilt ;-))

Auch "Drachenflug" wurde von unserem Freund, dem Profi, fotografiert. Dieser Quilt entstand in 2008 und war in einer Ausstellung in Wien im Januar 2009. Dieser Quilt ist übrigens sozusagen ein Abkömmling von dem UFO, das mir solche Kopfschmerzen bereitet ... Als ich bei diesem UFO hängenblieb, habe ich einfach einen anderen Quilt genäht ;-)))

The second picture shows a detail; you can see the quilting and the colours of my hand-dyed fabrics. In this quilt, the colours work together really great (at least I think so LOL). But in the UFO ... no.

Das zweite Bild zeigt ein Detail, man sieht das Quilting und die Farben meiner handgefärbten Stoffe. In diesem Quilt funktionieren diese Farben ganz wunderbar zusammen (zumindest bilde ich mir das mal ein ). Aber im UFO ... nö.
I started the quilt with the nine patches, did several of them and liked them. BUT - they did not look good with the UFO (this thing haunts me !!!). Instead, they looked good together all alone. Hmmmm ... I did more of them. Yes I liked it a lot, but only nine patches ... a bit boring! What about some free-cut rectangles? Yes, looked good, too. The soft curving and the little squares - nice. How to put them together ???? Ähm. I tried several settings, but realized I did not liked them mixed together. But I still thought they would look great together in a quilt. I did some more auditioning on the design wall, and finally a happy accident came to my rescue - I had a gap in between ... I looked closer at that gap, and realized that I had the solution for a cute quilt right before my nose. That was the moment the "river" came on stage. When the three areas were put together, the quilt needed something more (to be honest - it was boring). I had just read "The kite runner" by Khaled Hosseini (I can only recommend it, very impressive!) and so kites came to my mind. I played with some different shapes and colours, till I was satisfied. And that is the short version how "Drachenflug" came together. Hope you had fun with my design-adventure, thanks for reading!

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