Monday, May 10, 2010

Quilts are back home!

 Today I got a parcel - from the Netherlands! My quilts ("Rhythm" and "Mystery") are back home. I took the parcel up to the studio and put it on the table, than I finished something else. When I returned and wanted to open the parcel, I found somebody watching over it ;-))

Heute kam ein Päckchen an - aus den Niederlanden! Meine Quilts ("Rhythm" und "Mystery") sind wieder zu Hause. Ich bin mit dem Päckchen ins Studio gegangen und habe es auf den Tisch gelegt, dann hab ich etwas anderes fertiggemacht. Dann wollte ich mein Päckchen öffnen - und fand es gut bewacht vor ;-))

 "Rhythm" took part in the competition - theme was "Rhythm" ;-)) The evaluation is pretty good - at least I'm very happy with it! Here you can see the sheet I got back - a 9 and two 8's (out of max. 10) in "Theme"! None of the other grades is below 7 - Yippie!
"Rhythm" hat am Wettbewerb teilgenommen - Thema war "Rhythmus" ;-)) Der Bewertungsbogen sieht ziemlich gut aus - zumindest ich bin sehr zufrieden.Eine 9 und 2x 8 (von 10 möglichen) in "Thema" - und keine der anderen Bewertungen ist unter 7. Ich glaube, ich klopf' mir mal ne Runde auf die Schulter ;-))
  They even sent some goodies back in that parcel - beautiful Aurifil-thread, a catalogue of the exhibition and a gorgeous Hoffmans Fabric bag. Thank you!
  Im Paket waren noch ein paar nette Kleinigkeiten - wunderbares Aurifil-Garn, ein Katalog der Ausstellung und eine supertolle Hoffmans Fabric Tasche. Vielen Dank !!


Marlis said...

super! du hast allen grund, dir auf die schultern zu klopfen!
p.s. solche wächter kann man brauchen :-)

Wilma said...

congratulations with the high grades for your quilts! LG WILMA

Jenny in Belgium said...

Always a relief to get your quilts back home and safe. Congrats on your ratings it must be quite thrilling to receive a good "report". As I saw your quilt in "real life" I can only agree.

quilthexle said...

Thanks for your nice comments! It feels a bit like being back in school - when you had written an essay and got it back? Eager for the grades and the comments?
So, I'm really happy about this - and am already making plans for 2011. Shulamith Ron will have a solo exhibition then. Guess that gives me another very good reason to travel to the Netherlands in 2011 ;-))

Jenny in Belgium said...

Look forward to seeing you there then - Shulamit is a dear friend of mine and her quilts are exquisite - lovely bright colours - maybe I should start thinking of sending one - I never have before?

quilthexle said...

Jenny, give it a try! The first time it's absolutely strange - but I'm pretty sure you'll like it. And it would be soooo cool if our quilts would hang close to each other ;-))