Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hot, hot, hot ...

We're experiencing a heat wave right now - and if a dear friend had not told me "NO, you can't do that!", I would just melt away ;-)) As my studio is in the attic ... can you imagine, how HOT it is up there? That means - no sewing is going on right now here. Therefore, I'm going to slow down a bit with blogging, too; I'll try to post every other day for a while. When we can breathe again, the almost daily post will be back, promised!
Wir haben hier - wie der Rest von Deutschland ... - ziemlich hohe Temperaturen. When eine liebe Freundin mir das nicht strengstens verboten hätte, wäre ich schon längst ganz einfach geschmolzen ;-)) Mein Studio ist unter'm Dach ... muß ich noch mehr sagen, welche Temperaturen da oben herrschen?? Das heißt leider auch, daß ich momentan nicht sehr viel nähe (bzw. gar nicht ...) Also werde ich für eine Weile auch mit dem Bloggen ein wenig langsamer machen, ich werd' versuchen, jeden 2. Tag zu posten. Wenn wir wieder atmen können, kommt auch der fast tägliche Blogeintrag wieder, versprochen !!


Diva Quilts said...

Frauke, we're having a heatwave too here in Ontario, Canada - the last ten days it's been an average of 44 degrees C! My garden is looking very sad and droopy!

Although my sewing room is not in the attic (thank goodness!) I find it too hot to sew as well. With my bright overhead lights, surrounded by fabric (and often, with fabric draped over me as I quilt); it feels hot in there even in our -20 winters!

I'm taking a vacation from sewing. :)

Enjoy yours!

Marlis said...

same here, but the main problem is not the heat, it's humidity so that the 35° feel even hotter. my studio is closed, even with a deadline around the corner.
stay cool!

corinnea said...

No one told me not to melt so I am. I find if I can stay very still it helps. Of course I can't stay still.... You've been working hard, enjoy some time off!