Thursday, August 26, 2010

Two more winning quilts at Festival of Quilts

Today I'll show you two more winning quilts I admired at Festival of Quilts in Birmingham. Both are winners in Contemporary Quilts, and both are stunning!
The Winner in Contemporary Quilts is C June Barnes "Squaring Up". Here's what she says about her quilt in the leaflet: "Machine pieced and machine quilted. Woll viscose felt as battint which has shrunk to distort. Skoobie thread included. Procion dyes. I wanted to make a traditional patchwork piece incorporating my stitching to dye and shrinkage techniques". When you look closely at my picture, you can see the structured surface - it's amazing. I absolutely love how the surface's structure goes with the changing colour.
Die Gewinnerin in der Kategorie Contemporary Quilts ist C June Barnes. Das Faszinierende an diesem Quilt ist für mich das Zusammenspiel von strukturierter Oberfläche und dem Spiel der Farbe(n). Und diese Struktur ist wirklich ausgeprägt ... ein irrer Effekt !!

Ferret won 2nd Place Contemporary Quilts for her quilt "Phoenix Rising". Here's what she says about her quilt in the leaflet: "Hand dyed cotton sateen raw edge applique, constructed directly on longarm system. After a very bad year quilting gave me hope to follow the phoenix."
It's a pretty large quilt - and also a stunner. To me, it dominated the wall it was placed among other quilts. The artist is a professional longarm quilter, and the quilting she did on this one is amazing, full of detail and depth.
Der 2. Platz ging an Ferret. Ihr "Phönix" hing an einer Wand zwischen einer Reihe anderer Quilts, die er für meine Augen problemlos dominierte. Die Künstlerin verdient sich ihren Lebensunterhalt als professionelle Longarm-Quilterin, und das Quilting auf diesem Quilt ist einfach umwerfend, super detailliert!

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Ferret said...

Thank you for your kind comments, I'm thrilled you liked my quilt and provided the link back with it.