Thursday, January 06, 2011

Some family pictures

Do you enjoy once in a while seeing family pictures of the blogger and her family? I do ... and so I thought, I should share some pictures, too ;-)) The little guy is one of our godchilds, Paul. The big guy is Jens, the good-looking redhaired woman is Paul's mother ... and I'm the blonde one.
Findet Ihr es ab und an auch so nett, Familienbilder der Bloggerin und ihrer Familie zu sehen? Ich finde es sogar sehr schön - und somit dachte ich, vielleicht sollte ich auch mal ??? Der kleine Mann ist Paul, eines unserer Patenkinder. Der Große ist Jens, der gutaussehende Rotschopf ist Paul's Mutter ... und ich bin die Blonde ;-))

Jens and Paul

Paul with his Mom

Paul and me
Me, grinning ;-))


Teodo said...

I love your Nonna-sorriso (Grandma-smile) and I love your little and great men.
ciao ciao

Julie said...

What lovely photographs. Your godchild is gorgeous! And you look radiant!

Kit Lang said...

Aww. How lovely to see your family!


Melissa said...

I love seeing photos. Thanks for sharing your family with us:) You have a radiant smile; contagious to be sure:)

Andrea said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful family (and yourself) with us! It always makes a blog just a little more personal, and it feels more connected. Lovely photos!

Rafael's Mum said...

How nice to see a picture of you!

Marj said...

You and your family are fun to put faces with names, it is so much more personal that way. Thanks for sharing.