Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Spring around the corner?

On the same walk on Sunday, we saw also some very very very important signs of an upcoming event ... Look, do you see the same in my pictures as we did??? Nature is busy preparing for SPRING !!! Hooray ! Even when it's pretty cold right now - those green points tell me, it WILL indeed become warmer and greener once in a while ;-))
Auf dem gleichen Spaziergang haben wir Sonntag auch einige sehr sehr sehr wichtige Anzeichen eines kommenden Ereignisses gesehen - schaut mal genau hin, seht Ihr es in den Bildern auch ??? Mutter Natur bereitet sich emsig auf den FRÜHLING vor !! Yippie ! Auch wenn's draußen gerade noch richtig kalt ist - diese grünen Spitzchen erzählen mir was von kommender Wärme und sprießender Natur ... in nicht mehr ganz ferner Zukunft ;-))


Marlis said...

i have been sitting in the sun today. it felt like spring.

Kit Lang said...

Minus 27 today and expecting 30cm of snow overnight.

I say "Bah! Humbug!" to your "signs of spring".


Corinnea said...

Gorgeous! I will miss spring there very much!

quilthexle said...

Reading those three comments made me grin - and pretty happy, in a weird way. Why? Marlis from Ticino, Switzerland, is having a similar (better, but still similar) experience than me. Kit from Canada quotes Dickens "Christmas Carol" (my favourite!) and is having tons of snow right now. And Corinnea used to live in Germany, lives now in sunny Florida and will miss our spring over here. Three very different opinions / experiences, from very different corners of the world ... and once again, I read them and realise: I LOVE THE INTERNET !! Connecting with like-minded people has never been easier, and I'm just glad to be part of this community. Thanks - a lot.