Sunday, April 03, 2011

Billa showed a finished top of nine patches

Last Friday I met with my quilty friends - and Billa showed us her finished top! She asked for nine-patches in 3", 6" or 9" sizes, colours: blue-green-green/yellow. Obviously, she had fun designing her quilt - and the result is just beautiful!
Letzten Freitag traf ich mich mit meinen Mädels - und Billa hatte ihr fertiges Top dabei! Ihre Vorgabe für uns waren Nine-Patches in drei Größen: 3", 6" und 9", die Farben: blau, grün, gelb-grün. Offenkundig hatte sie jede Menge Spaß - und das Ergebnis ist einfach nur schön!


Kit Lang said...

billa's top is lovely!

RobynK said...

I go away for a week and return to find you've been a busy little blogger and all the things you've blogged about are very interesting! Give Basti a pat from me.