Sunday, June 05, 2011

Be aware - hefty dose of cat cuteness

After giving his sleeping sister's ear a very thorough cleaning, Basti needs some rest, too ;-))

Nachdem Basti das Ohr seiner schlafenden Schwester gewissenhaft geputzt hat, muß er dringend auch 'ne Mütze Schlaf haben ;-))


murgelchen said...

So, sollten sich meine Kinder, eins von jeder Sorte, auch mal zugetan sein.

Lynn said...

Whew! Looks exhausting! I may need a nap too. LOL!

Kit said...

so sweet!

Marj said...

Your cats are beautiful.
I hope Chipper will cuddle with his new friend, once they get it straight whose in charge. So far the kitten is still too wiggly.

Madalene Murphy said...


Benta At SLIKstitches said...

How wonderful to be a cat, especially such a beautiful one!