Friday, June 24, 2011

The Golden Print Quilt is mounted !

Yes, finally ... Jens helped me with the task, and now I have a mounted quilt. I still love it ;-))
And I would like your opinion - do you think I could sell it? or is it "not good enough"? (I appreciate any honest opinion - promised !!!)
Jawoll, es ist vollbracht ... Jens hat mir geholfen, und jetzt habe ich einen montierten Quilt. Ich mag ihn immer noch, sogar sehr ;-))
Und mich würde eure Meinung interessieren - glaubt ihr, ich könnte ihn verkaufen? Oder ist er dafür "nicht gut genug?" (ich freue mich wirklich über jede ehrliche Meinungsäußerung - versprochen !!)


tinaquilt said...

Gut schaut er aus, ich würde es auf alle Fälle mal probieren!

María Cristina said...

Hola Frauke!!!
Me agrada la resolución del quilt!
Seguro hay un comprador.
Estoy jugando con curvas que cruzan la tela...ya lo verá.

Stitchin' time said...

It looks wonderful! I don't see why you couldn't sell it and I'd prefer to have it hanging on a wall of my house in preference to some of the 'modern' expressive art that is sold for hundreds of dollars! It's quite eye catching :).

Kit said...

There isn't a single reason why you couldn't sell it - put a price tag on it and see what happens! :)

Madalene Murphy said...

Looks great mounted. I really like the illusion of depth those two curves give the piece. I think you should put it up for sale.

Tina said...

It is a wonderful work of art, and I know some one out there would love to buy it and hang it in their house or office. The workmanship is great , I have seen it up close and eyeballed it.
Go for it!

Susanne (flicKwerk) said...

Sicher kannst du den verkaufen. Wie wäre es, eine Serie daraus zu machen?