Friday, June 03, 2011

Occasional 2 - when 0,5" is missing ...

Finally I found some time to work on "Occasional 2" again. I had two parts I wanted to sew together - you see them in the picture, layed out on my ironing table. And do you see it? at the right side, the upper part is too small. As I don't want to cut down the lower part - I realized I had to add to the upper part. Now it pays off to keep even small scraps ;-)) I just had enough to add one more strip to the yellow/striped area at the very top!
Endlich hatte ich mal wieder Zeit, an "Occasional 2" zu arbeiten. Zwei Teile wollte ich zusammennähen - die seht ihr im Bild, wie sie da auf meinem Bügeltisch liegen. Und sicher seht ihr's auch - das obere Teil ist rechts nicht breit genug ... Das untere Teil will ich nicht schmaler schneiden - das heißt dann wohl, der obere Teil muß breiter werden. Jetzt zahlt es sich aus, daß ich auch die kleinen Fetzchen aufhebe ;-)) ich hatte gerade noch genug, um noch einen Streifen an den gelb/gestreiften Streifen ganz oben anzunähen !

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Filled with quilty goodness said...

For a while I thought the smallest fabric scrap was the one still visible after sewing (therefore just more than 1/2 inch).
Then I decided it was too small when the thread required to sew it in cost more than the fabric.
Now I can keep them all, because at the very end, there is water-soluble stabilizer. I can take all scraps, all thread rests, scatter them on the WS stabilizer, and do a crazy stitch pattern to make a collage.
LOL, THEN I heard that you can take the WS stabilizer scraps, soak them, and have a good binding material.

Waste not, want not.