Thursday, June 02, 2011

That's something I LOVE about this time of the year!

These early summer days are always special to me - I just love the abundance of flowers. My roses are in full bloom, and even two of our peonies flowered this year beautifully (the third one is still a bit shy). So, I just have to show you some pictures from my garden !
Ich liebe den Frühsommer, weil da Rosen und Pfingstrosen in voller Blüte stehen. Unsere Rosen legen kräftig los, und sogar zwei unserer Pfingstrosen zeigen mal, was sie so drauf haben (die dritte ist noch ein bißchen schüchtern). Natürlich habe ich die Pracht fotografiert - und natürlich muß ich euch die Bilder zeigen ;-))

And - thanks for being patient with me while I took care of some other things !! I think I'll be back to regular blogging now ;-))
Und übrigens - danke für eure Geduld während der letzten Tage! Jetzt sollte es hier wieder ganz regulär weitergehen ;-))


Kit said...

How lovely!!!

Despite the fact that it was 42degrees yesterday, we're still in spring here in Ontario - so my peonies are only six inches tall right now. (We're back to normal spring temperatures today - 19)

At the end of the month my peonies should be glorious - in the meantime, thank you for sharing yours. They're my favourite flower!

Julie said...

Such beautiful flowers Frauke :-) We have been having some very warm weather lately too and all the flowers are rushing to be seen! Peonies are beautiful, aren't they?

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Frauke .. have exactly those peonies in my mother's room to brighten her life up ..

We're desperate for rain .. and things are dying .. so the roses don't last if picked .. very sad.

Today is Sunshine Day for a small boy .. so we're having a sunshine fest - perhaps you'll come on over ..

Good to see you back .. cheers Hilary

Madalene Murphy said...

Our peonies here in northern Pennsylvania are still not much more that hard little balls so we are a bit behind you seasonally. Beautiful flowers!