Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Would you like to visit some incredible talented artists?

If the answer is yes - than you should hop to this link or this one, both link to a blog-hop of the Fly Tribe. The Fly Tribe was one of the results of a group of artists taking "Flying Lessons" with Kelly Rae Roberts, and I feel honored to be part of this group! (and yes, I missed being in that blog hop ... next time !!).
Have fun !!
Wer möchte gerne einige (ne ganze Menge, um genau zu sein) äußerst begabter Künstlerinnen kennenlernen? Der muß hier oder hier vorbeigucken, beide Blogs führen zu einem "Blog-Hop" des Fly Tribs. Der Fly Tribe entstand als überaus wertvolles Nebenprodukt eines online-Kurses "Flying Lessons" von Kelly Rae Roberts, und ich schätze mich ziemlich glücklich, zu dieser Gruppe dazuzugehören! (und ja, ich hab' den Blog Hop verpennt ... nächstes Mal bin ich dabei!). Viel Spaß auf der Entdeckungstour !


Constance Mueller Rawlins said...

Next time I want to see YOU in the blog hop! Thanks for posting.

chelle said...

Hi Frauke, so sorry you missed the blog hop :( but glad you are part of my journey, I got your address message & I will be sending off you xmas giveaway package on friday, don't know how long it will take to get to you (hopefully not too long) & i must warn you, your package is wearing a straightjacket!! get ready to unwrap xx

Ursula Smith said...

Hi Frauke! I will add your Link to my post! Since I am at the end, I am sure there are folks that haven't gotten there yet ;) I LUV your quilts, as I have told you before! My Mom is a quilter and I didn't get that gene!!