Sunday, January 15, 2012

Found Art

Today DH and me spent some hours at a touristic fair - looking for a place to go to ,-)) While wandering around, we found some interesting views. DH took pictures of the broken glass pane - I liked "3 and 3" outside the halls.
Jens und ich waren heute auf der CMT, Inspirationen für den nächsten Urlaub suchen ;-)) Während wir da so herumgelaufen sind, haben wir ein paar ganz interessante Details gesehen. Jens hat die zersplitterte Glasscheibe fotografiert - ich habe "3 und 3" draußen entdeckt.
Picture taken by Jens / my camera

Picture taken by Jens / my camera


Lisa said...

Very interesting. I have started to take pictures of views that I think might be a good quilt too. Certainly makes you look at the landscape with a different set of eyes!

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

I have always loved the effect of broken glass, but never thought to photograph it. The three towers and the three trees look great, you and Jens have a great "eye" to see something like that and know it will be a good photo. Hope you got a holiday sorted too!

Madalene Axford Murphy said...

I am immersed in an Elizabeth Barton design class right now and all three of those have design potential but particularly that last one.

Corinnea said...

The shattered glass is really cool and the composition on the last photo is lovely!

stufenzumgericht said...

Da sieht man mal wieder, dass auch im "Hässlichen" oder "Banalem" Schönheit liegt! GlG, Martina