Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sunday's Sighting / Sonntagsbild

yes, I know it's not Sunday today ;-)) but we have a saying in Germany that goes like "better late than never". So - here's a bright Sunday picture for you!
Ja, natürlich weiß ich, daß heute nicht Sonntag ist ... aber besser spät als nie, oder? Bitte schön - ein leuchtend fröhliches Sonntagsbild für dich !
And don't forget to check Susanne's picture / auch bei Susanne gibt's ein tolles Bild!

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Kit Lang said...

We say "better late than never" too - although I laughed when I saw your title in my reader and thought - either she's very late or WAY early! :)

Your flower is beautiful. All the trees are in bud here and crocuses are up and the forsythia are in bloom - all wonderful, but it's March 27! That stuff shouldn't be happening until May! :)