Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"THINK" - my entry to Spring Blogger's Quilt Festival

If you just jumped over from "Bloggers Quilt Festival" (organized by the lovely Amy -Thank you for this fun twice a year !!!) - welcome to my little corner of blogland. And if you are a regular over here - WELCOME back, I so appreciate that you come back to quilthexle's world ! Thank you.

So - let's talk about my entry for a bit, shall we? It all started with a call for entries by the lovely Martina U. from the textil.ART.galerie. She organized a show in a theatre - the theme was "Blues Brothers". My favourite part of this movie is Aretha Franklin, performing her song "Think". I wanted to make a quilt around this song. For the background, I used black woollen men's trousers - and felted them onto black felt. YES - I liked that as a background. 
I just took that word, that shout from Aretha's song - "THINK !" Because Ms Murphy is so full of life, so vibrant, I used red.
First I designed the letters to fit the space I had, than I cut them from red wool and appliqued it to the background. Next I added more felting - red wool and red silk. I quilted in the ditch and added one line of silver stitching around each letter. And yes, I (!!!) did a traditional binding and even added red silk piping.
"Think" took part in the exhibition in the Landestheater Dinkelsbühl. And now it is touring through Germany, more information about that can be found here. I hope to see the exhibition in July, at quiltandtextilkunst, Munich - to see all the wonderful art together must be wonderful !!
So, enough of me - if you want to see more art quilts, here's the link to art quilt collection of the Blogger's Quilt Festival. And here's the link to the main page with all the links to the different collections.
Liebe deutschsprachige Leserin, lieber deutschsprachiger Leser - diesen Post gibt's quasi "nur" auf Englisch. Wenn du den Links im englischsprachigen Teil folgst, landest Du auf den ursprünglichen Posts zu "THINK" - und die sind wie gewohnt zweisprachig ;-) Ansonsten gibt's jede Menge Quilts zu bewundern beim Bloggers Quilt Festival. Hier ist der Link zur Hauptseite, und hier geht's zu den Art Quilts.


Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Lovely to see this again xxx

CitricSugar said...

Great message! :-)

Sharon said...

Wonderful! And quite vibrant. You did a great job. I loved that song in Blues Brothers also.

Kwiltz by Stephanie said...

Love the back story! Very inspirational!