Friday, August 30, 2013

Time 2 - piecing the top

- If you just came over from Nina-Marie's "Off The Wall Friday", you can read more about the beginning of this quilt  by following the tag "time" ... and hey, nice to have you over here ! Welcome ! -

After I had pieced my fields and meadows, I cut the one big piece apart and started to add my rivers.
Als die große "Wiesen und Wälder"-Fläche fertig war, schnitt ich es gemäß meinem selbstgemachten Muster auseinander und fing an, meine Flüße einzusetzen.
When all the piecing was done, the top looked like this. Not bad ... but something was not looking right. 
Als die Flüsse alle drin waren, sah das Ganze so aus. Nicht wirklich schlecht - aber etwas stimmte nicht !

Did you see it? the main river had the same width at the left side as on the right ... and it is supposed to "flow" from left to right. So, I made it smaller - a lot smaller !
Ist es dir auch aufgefallen? Der Hauptfluß hatte links die gleiche Breite wie rechts ... und da er von rechts nach links durchs Bild "fließt", wirkte das komisch. Also habe ich ihn schmaler genäht - deutlich schmaler !
Right now, I'm quilting the rivers - a bit boring, but coming along nicely. More about this quilt next week !
Jetzt bin ich damit beschäftigt, die Flüsse zu quilten - was ein bißchen langweilig ist, aber ganz gut voran geht. Mehr gibt's zu diesem Quilt dann nächste Woche !

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Richard Healey said...

I like that its very interesting.

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Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

there were a lot of map quilts at the Festival of Quilts this year, i love them, and i think your fields are really great

Corinnea said...

I have been a neglectful commenter.. This is going to be awesome. Your patience with reworking always amazes me and inspires me!