Monday, January 04, 2010

Seven Sisters - quilted or painted?

In 2000, Jens, DMIL and me visited England, and we took a walk at "Seven Sisters", Sussex (more here:,_Sussex ). And of course I took several pictures. One of them gave me the idea for a quilt I started in a class with Gloria Loughman (more here: ). That quilt got finished last year:

And it finally hangs in our living room! That means, the painter in this house, my husband Jens, sees it every day.... and he felt the urge to try his hands at the same motif as well. So he took the 9 year old picture - and here you can see, what he did:
 Personally, I think this guy has got some talent in painting and photographing - so if I made you curious, you'll find more of his work here:

Both pieces share now the wall in our living room - and it looks quite interesting to see them next to each other!

Im Jahr 2000 waren Jens, Gisela und ich im Urlaub in England, und wir haben auch eine Wanderung an den Seven Sisters gemacht (mehr gibt's hier: ) Und natürlich habe ich dort auch fotografiert. Eines dieser Bilder war dann die Vorlage für einen Quilt, den ich in einem Kurs mit Gloria Loughman begonnen habe. Dieser Quilt wurde letztes Jahr fertig, und ENDLICH hängt er in unserem Wohnzimmer !
Das heißt auch, daß der Maler im Haus den Quilt jeden Tag sieht, und so beschloß er, das gleiche Motiv in Acryl zu malen. Jetzt hängen beide Kunstwerke friedlich nebeneinander im Wohnzimmer.
Übrigens finde ich, daß Jens durchaus Talent als Maler und Fotograf hat - ihr könnt euch hier selber davon überzeugen:


Lorenza said...

Both the quilt and the painting are beautiful, but if I can say the quilt is better:-)))

quilthexle said...

Oh my, do I have a generous husband - he says, you're right, Lorenza ;-))

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Frauke .. how amazing - the quilt and the picture look fantastic!! How clever you both are .. and both on your walls at home - where is home? Obviously Germany .. I love learning about new places ..

Not so good on quilting or pictures!!

Cheers and it'll be a pleasure to see you around .. enjoy today - it's beautifully sunny here .. just like Beachy Head! Happy memories Hilary