Saturday, December 18, 2010

And now - there's a winner !!

Bild von - vielen Dank für einen tollen Bilderservice!
177 lovely comments for the giveaway on my blog - WOW !!! Thank you so much to all who participated - I'm pretty sure I'll do this again ;-)) And now, Drumroll please ... I asked for help, and it came up with No. 2! That's Maria, and she said: "Fantástico!!!" I'll send her an email right after this post is done. Congratulations, Maira - and thanks for being a follower !!!
Ich bin total hingerissen - 177 wunderschöne Kommentar hat es für die Giveaway-Aktion gegeben. TOLL - ich mach' das sicher noch mal, vielen vielen Dank an alle, die mitgemacht haben !! Und nun ... Trommelwirbel bitte ... Ich habe um Hilfe gebeten, und dort kam als Ergebnis die 2 raus. Das ist Maria - und sie hat's kurz und bündig gefaßt: "Fantástico!!!" Sobald dieser Post online ist, schicke ich ihr eine Mail. Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Maria - und vielen Dank, daß Du ein Follower bist ;-))


María Cristina said...

Frauke Thanks!
I am very happy to have won so beautiful fabrics !!!!!
Patchwork learn by receiving the posts with much experience and find wonderful works that inspire a lot.
Grateful for your submission because here is difficult to get suitable fabrics.
I hope to understand me as I use a translator ...
Congratulations on next year!! Very Merry Christmas!!

Julie said...

Congratulations Maria :-) Enjoy!

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...


Robyn said...

Lucky Maria! Enjoy your fabrics :).

Kit Lang said...

Congratulations to Maria! Lucky lucky woman! :)

quilthexle said...

The fabrics are in the mail tomorrow - so Maria, you might start to think what you want to do with them ;-)) Congratulations!!
And to everybody else ... maybe I'll do a giveaway like this again, obviously you guys like this kind of altered fabrics ;-))