Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Architextur" is now mounted !

My dear husband saved this quilt from the dustbin - and when I see it mounted to its wooden frame, I'm just glad he did so !! It looks good ... and I think I just have to try my hands on this one again. hmmmm ... how about I just plan to get the new version done for the 2012 exhibition at Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, UK? I like that idea!
Mein Liebster hat auch diesen Quilt vor dem Mülleimer gerettet - und wenn ich "Architextur" so sehe, aufgespannt auf seinem hölzernen Rahmen, bin ich nur froh, daß er erfolgreich war! Es sieht toll aus - und ich denke, ich werde das nochmal probieren. hmmmm ... wie wäre es, wenn ich die aktualisierte Version für das Festival of Quilts in Birmingham 2012 plane? Die Idee gefällt mir!


tinaquilt said...

Bevor du mal wieder einen Quilt entsorgst, bring ihn zu mir. Recht hat Jens gehabt, wär schade drum gewesen.
LG Martina

anthony stemke said...

This is a lovely quilt. My spouse sewed a quilt several years ago and it is really wearing out, a shame because the weight of it is perfect (not too heavy). We were in an antique store in Clarksville, Georgia USA and saw some old quilts.
I can understand your passion, each quilt is different, kind of like each poem a poet writes is.
Thank You.

RobynK said...

Catching up on my alphabet! I've visited some of the links and thank you for broadening my horizons :).

Tara Tyler said...

I love that you translate your posts! And your quilting is superb =)
Happy Q day!