Saturday, September 10, 2011

I did it again ...

although Jens was at home and helped ;-))
Yes, I dyed fabric this afternoon - here's a little preview of how it looked while I worked on it. I can hardly wait to see the results ... tomorrow ... And please, don't get a wrong impression, Jens really helped me, and in between, he enjoyed his pipe and kept me company. Which I liked!
Und obwohl Jens zu Hause war, hab ich's schon wieder getan, jawohl - ich habe heute nachmittag Stoffe gefärbt! Das zweite Bild zeigt, wie das dann "unterwegs" so aussieht. Ich bin supergespannt, wie sie fertig aussehen werden ... aber darauf muß ich bis morgen warten ... Und bitte keinen falschen Eindruck gewinnen ;-)) Jens hat wirklich geholfen, und zwischendurch sein Pfeifchen genossen und mir Gesellschaft geleistet. Was sehr schön war!


Marj said...

I am excited to see what it looks like too. The picture shows some very interesting colors. Jens looks to be working He does seem to be good company.

Madalene Murphy said...

Looks like a lovely parfait. Those are luscious colors--should make a beautiful pieces--or pieces--of fabric.