Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Burning, burning, burning ...

... now I know it: if I ever read again in a mystery that somebody "just burnt a piece of paper in about one second" I will just laugh ;-))
I'm taking a class with Stephanie Levy right now (together with Kit and Deborah - waving at you !!!) about "Creative Courage", and she had us write down what we wanted to get rid of this year - and then we were told to destroy that paper. I waited till DH left the house ;-)) and decided to BURN it ! Yeah ! Fire - what a nice and fast way of getting rid of something !!! NONSENSE. This paper did not want to burn nice and clean and fast ... it took me a while. Maybe that's symbolic, too? Maybe it is some hard work to get rid of unwanted attitudes, old dreams and so on ? Hmmmm... the last picture shows you a word that took extra long, as it is German, I write it down here for your convenience: self-doubt. It finally burnt ... does that mean I will get rid of it eventually? Something to work on, I guess ;-))
Also, wenn ich demnächst wieder mal in einem Krimi lese, daß da irgendjemand mal so locker-flockig eben mal ein Papier verbrennt, dann lache ich mich scheckig ;-)) Seit Montag belege ich (zusammen mit Kit und Deborah - die Welt ist so klein!) einen Kurs von Stephanie Levy über "Creative Courage". Dort sollten wir aufschreiben, was wir dieses Jahr loswerden wollen - und dann sollten wir dieses Papier zerstören, vernichten. Also habe ich gewartet, bis der beste Gatte von allen außer Haus war ;-)) und dann entschieden, Feuer soll es sein. Das geht schnell und erledigt den Job gründlichst. SO EIN QUATSCH ! Dieses Papier wollte nicht einfach mal eben kurz und bündig abfackeln ... das hat ganz schön lange gedauert. Ist das jetzt auch symbolisch? heißt das, es ist doch ganz schön harte Arbeit, doofe Angewohnheiten, alte Träume und so loszuwerden ? hmmmm ... das letzte Bild zeigt ein Wort, das extra-lang vor sich hin geschmort hat. Könnt ihr's lesen? "Selbstzweifel" ... irgendwann war's dann nur noch Asche. Heißt das, ich werde die irgendwann dann doch los? Werde ich wohl dran arbeiten müssen ;-)))


Deborah O'Hare said...

I am staying away from fire, for reasons you well know... putting that all behind me. NOT fighting fire with fire!
Do you have that expression in German?

Corinnea said...

Oh! I like this! I have been warring with myself and maybe I just really need to write them down to face them and gain control over them.
Thanks for sharing. Self doubt is a huge one for me. Is it for everyone?

Kit Lang said...

:) I love this Frauke!

I took a more prosaic approach as I thought the whole exercise was rather pop-psychology - and scribbled my words to death.

I have to say though, when I got rid of the last one of the what will happen if you don't try category which was "I'll have to work in law for the rest of my life" I took a great deal of joy in scribbling that one out - and then even more joy in shredding it to death. :D

Teodo said...

Fantastic ....I like it.
Today I'll burn some old thinking that I don't want anymore.
ciao ciao Linda

Miss W said...

I used to do this a lot ;) I should do it again. It's fun and it makes you think.

I found the Morocco pictures when sorting through my archive. Hence, whilst I happily accept your kind wishes (I am sure that they still count ;), the actual Wedding happened a few years back. I did not want to bother everyone with the story again. However, in case you are interested in knowing more, here's the gist:

Best wishes for getting rid of everything you'd like to get rid of.

Madalene Axford Murphy said...

Self-doubt can certainly derail you. I know from experience. Since it often drains energy, burning it up is a great way symbolically to deal with it.

stephanie levy said...

Good for you Frauke! Interesting results - and I hope you are enjoying the course! xo