Saturday, March 10, 2012

Did I ever mention how much I "love" doing bindings?

Big sigh ... in this picture you see about 270" of binding for the Flowery Nine Patch Quilt. Doing the binding on a quilt is my least favourite part of quilting. On the other side - that means, the quilting is DONE!! so this quilt will be finished in time for our upcoming group exhibition ;-))
Dieses Bild zeigt gefühlte 5 km Binding, die ich an den Flowery Nine Patch Quilt annähen werde. Das Binding ist mit Abstand der Teil am Quilten, den ich am wenigsten mag. Andererseits - das heißt, der Quilt ist fertig gequiltet! Also wird zumindest dieser Quilt rechtzeitig fertig für die Ausstellung der Nürtinger Quiltgruppe ;-))


stufenzumgericht said...

Liebe Frauke,
womit wir schon zu zweit sind, ich hasse Binding, weshalb ich mich schon oft im Maschinenbinding versucht habe, aber damit auch nicht zufrieden war. Mach hinne, ich möchte gerne deinen fertigen Quilt sehen ;-) GlG, Martina

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

Oh, send it over to me, I do like bindings! I do the continuous non bias method and find the corners, and the method of joining the two ends almost magical how they turn from precise angles and folding into perfect mitres and invisible joints!

Rayna said...

I stopped doing bindings a dozen years ago and now just face my work. Much easier! Who made the rule that a quilt has to have a binding???
Sending a hug,